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The theme of this first of four volumes of the official British history of the Second World War devoted to the RAF's strategic bomber offensive against Germany is in its sub-title 'Preparation'.

Beginning with the lessons learned from air bombing in its infancy during the Great War, the authors divide their book into three parts: strategy; operations; appreciations and Author: Sir Charles Webster, Noble Frankland. This book is the only full-scale account of the strategic air offensive against Germany published in the last twenty years, and is the only one that treats the British and the Americans with parity.

Much of what Levine writes about British operations will be unfamiliar to American by: This book is a description of the bombing offensive against Germany in WW2. The most fascinating aspect of this book is that it chronicles the problems encountered with long range bombing given the technology and resources that existed at the time.

Everything had to be invented from scratch.4/5. A fairly straightforward narrative of the RAF bombing campaign against Germany from the British side. It tells the story in chronological order with 3/5(1). The Bombing Offensive Against Germany Outlines and Perspectives.

Frankland, Noble, Book - Buy The Bombing Offensive Against Germany: Outlines and Perspectives By Noble Frankland, in Acceptable condition. Our cheap used books come with free delivery. ISBN:Author: Noble Frankland.

The bombing offensive against Germany; outlines and perspectives.

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[Noble Frankland] -- A study of the decisions and circumstances governing the strategic air offensive against Germany in the Second World War. The detailed and complete history of the bombing campaign against Germany by the USAAF and the RAF in WWII. Written by the historical adviser on the World at War TV series this a without doubt the best book on the subject you are ever likely to readReviews: 1.

About this Item: N&M Press reprint SB. was the watershed year for Bomber Commandâ s ever-escalating strategic air offensive against Germany. As the authors of this second in the four-volume official history of the bomber offensive point out, in the first three months of that year the average number of bombers available to the RAF for operations against Germany.

Buy The bombing offensive against Germany: Outlines and perspectives 1st Edition by Frankland, Noble (ISBN:) from Amazon's Book Bombing offensive against Germany book. Author: Noble Frankland. At the close of the Second World War both the RAF and the United States Army Air Forces sent teams of investigators to the continent of Europe to try and assess the effectiveness of Allied strategic bombing.

The British Survey was originally classified and is published here for the first time. By combining the original Report and an analysis of its strengths and weaknesses. The Bombing Offensive Against Germany Outlines and Perspectives by Noble Frankland.

Analysis of strategic bombing and targeting by the (RAF) Royal Air Force on. The Bombing War: Europe ‑ by Richard Overy – review The bombing campaigns were startlingly inaccurate - and this is the most important book on the second world war published this.

The book examines Anglo-American conflict in over whether to concentrate on precision or general bombing, and the Dambustersâ III: VICTORY. PART 5The official history of the final year of the strategic air offensive against Germany.

The Allied bomber offensive against Nazi Germany remains one of the most controversial campaigns of the Second World War. It certainly was one of the most costly. By May oftwo million tons of bombs had fallen on Germany. Over half a million German civilians had died, Allied airmen had perished as well.

The Bombing of Germany - Allied air-strikes and civil mood in Germany.

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In World War II approximatelyGerman civilians were killed by Allied air raids. From July to Januaryan average of 13, people were killed every month. In Hamburg alone ab civilians were killed by Allied bombing, and in Berlin about.

The Strategic Bombing Offensive is to understand as the strategic planning’s and operations of the Bomber Command of the Royal Air Force against the Hitler-Germany between and Sincethe entry of the US 8th Air Force and later the US 25th Air Force in the Strategic Bombing Offensive is this operation as well known as Combined.

Yet, as Richard Overy points out in his new book, “The Bombing War”, by more thanEuropeans had been killed by aerial bombardment and large parts of their urban heritage had been razed.

Anthony Verrier's book, The Bombing Offensive [against Germany] observed, 'There is a lesson here for our own time, for Americans still Journal of Contemporary History seem to be intoxicated with the idea that airpower by itself can achieve.

The main task of the 18th Air Army was to support the final offensive against Germany, but it also undertook raids against Berlin, Breslau, Danzig and Königsberg.

In total, 7, Soviet aircraft dropped 6, tonnes of bombs on Germany during the war, % of Soviet bomber sorties, % of all Allied "strategic" sorties against German-occupied Location: European Theatre of World War II, Pacific.

The Strategic Bombing of Germany, Hardcover – 22 July This book is the only full-scale account of the strategic air offensive against Germany published in the last twenty years, and is the only one that treats the British and the Americans with parity.

Much of what Levine writes about British operations will be unfamiliar to 5/5(2). The official history of the final year of the strategic air offensive against Germany. Contains an assessment of the controversial bombing of Dresden and accounts of the clashes among the allied air chiefs over their aims.

‘The Big Punch' was one of many comic-book presentations of the war published in Britain in the s. The story-line tells of a scientific ‘boffin' determined to try out his new invention to destroy a German factory. The comic continued the post-war myth that the British only bombed military File Size: 1MB.

The Historiography of the Allied Bombing Campaign of Germany by Ryan Hopkins This thesis is a historiographical study concerning the strategic bombing campaign of Germany during World War II.

The study questions how effective the campaign was in comparing the prewar theories to wartime : Ryan Patrick Hopkins. Allied bombing destroyed well over one third of all German books as its universities and libraries and museums were unnecessarily obliterated (not including those in German lands taken away!).

Towns with no military significance and having little or nothing to do with the war effort were simply blown away at this point in devastating attacks on vulnerable civilian populations. The Blitz, (September –May ), nighttime bombing raids against London and other British cities by Nazi Germany during World War II.

The raids followed the failure of the German Luftwaffe to defeat Britain’s Royal Air Force in the Battle of Britain (July–September ). Although the raids. The Allied strategic bombing campaign against Nazi Germany was one of the most destructive, complex, and controversial aspects of World War II.

Although it started slowly, the strategic air offensive lasted for nearly the whole war () and strongly affected its course. Carl A. Spaatz and the Air War in Europe –,a study of the combined US-UK strategic combined bomber offensive against Germany and of US Army Air Forces (AAF) doctrine and opera- tions in File Size: 2MB.

discuss future plans for the prosecution of the war against Germany. One of the major topics revolved around the possibility of launching a strategic bombing offensive. The arguments between the two staffs touched upon target selection, purpose of the future operations, and bombing method.

While the two staffs failed to agree on most of theseAuthor: Luke W. Truxal. by the British Bombing Survey Unit (called during the war the RAF Bombing Analysis Unit). However, the publications of that organization- most of them classified-have had only the most limited distribution within the United States.

The basic volume in the series is entitled The Strategic Air War Against Germany, File Size: 1MB. Bomber Command: The Myths and Reality of the Strategic Bombing Offensiveby Max Hastings.

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New York, The Dial Press/James Wade, pp with Notes, Appendices, Illustrations, Bibliography, Index. Reviewed by Charles Lutton. One of the most controversial campaigns of the Second World War was the bombing offensive against Germany.The advent of the bomber, --Blitzkrieg and the Blitz, --The scientific air war, --The aircrews, --Harris takes command, --The defences of Germany, --Enter the Mighty Eighth, --Towards a combined offensive, August January --Bombing round the clock, --The great raids: the.

It didn’t fulfill its early promise. That part of the 20th century was the age of ‘miracles and wonders’, where technological innovation was at a pace never experienced before or since.

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